IWEEE at a glance

Iran Water and Electrical Equipment Engineering Company (IWEEE) , was established in 1994 by The Ministry of Energy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the goal of presenting Inspection services in the fields of Supervision and Technical Inspections during construction and installation of hydro-mechanical and electrical equipment used in dams as well as variety of electro pumps, pipes, fittings, valves, tanks, water supply transmission networks, water and sewage refineries and accurate tools . IWEEE attained great respect and accreditation in its field, and was an immediate success.

Due to Article 44 of our constitution as regards to Privatisation, whereby Government owned companies were to be turned over to the private sector, in the year 2008, IWEEE was bought by the top managers of the original company and continued its tremendous success in the private sector under the leadership of our Managing Director Eng. Abdol Mohammad Razani.

From 2008, IWEEE developed its activities into Supervision and Technical Inspections during construction and installation of equipment and tools in use in electric power industry and power transmission networks such as switches, power transformers, medium and low voltage panels, cables, insulators and … .in fact it was at this time that the IWEEE took its current name as “Iran Water and Electrical Equipment Engineering Company” and continued its tremendous success in the Inspection Fields.

Following the development process; while maintaining the Supply chain management services and inspection services in the context of the above-mentioned issues, IWEEE created a Technical Inspection’s unit in context of Rail and Steel industries which which offered valuable services to large industrial units and civil services such as Metro and IKI airport.  Continuing this trend, IWEEE achieved an inspection’s permission (license) in 2011    in the zoon of Europe and Asia and developed its capabilities in presenting technical services by establishing 17agancies in Iran and overseas countries in Asia and Europe. And in 2012, was fully accredited by The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Our mission is to meet implicitly and explicitly the needs of customers in Iran and the region in relation to the services such as, Training, Technical Inspection, Product Inspection, Standardisation and quality management. Our services are based on the highest National and Global accepted standards with no limits to our Expansion goals.

IWEEE is at the moment the largest Inspection Company in Iran, employing over 110 full time Engineers, with the highest qualification in their fields and 35 part time employees.

Our ambition had been to become the most pioneered, accurate and fastest growing company in Iran and the region, providing services such as Educational Consultation, Technical inspections, Product Inspections, Quality management, and Standardisation in the framework of our missions, of which we are proud to say that we have achieved most of our Goals.