Welcome to IWEEE Inspection Services. Thank you for taking the time to review the services and capabilities of IWEE. When looking for an inspection company, three things should be considered:

  • The inspection firm must be dependable
  • The inspection must be done judiciously
  • The inspection must be affordable

When you need professional, competent inspections, IWEEE Inspection Services, is ready to meet your needs

IWEEE strives to perform inspections with the utmost quality and with the insistence on complete and detailed reports.

As CEO of IWEEE Inspection Services, I have established the necessary procedures and controls to guarantee quality in our services. You can rest assured that inspections are made by qualified individuals with highest credentials in their own field.

We are passionate about people, the environment and technological progress, dedicated to adding value through increased quality, safety and sustainability. By staying true to our founding principle, we work towards creating a safer and more sustainable future.

Through the optimisation of technology, systems and experts, we have strengthened the competitiveness of our customers globally and do our part in making the world a safer place.

We initiated our journey in Iran as the pioneer company in the field of certification and inspection, IWEEE has registered significant growth since its inception in 1994. Today we take great pride in being one of the largest Certification, Inspection and Engineering Companies in Iran, with over 110 fulltime, specialised  employees and over 25 part-Time,  and have achieved the highest awards from our Governmental Organisations in various fields.

We have no higher priority than making sure that quality is continuous and new doors for opportunities are provided to our clients. Our goal has always been to direct all efforts towards our clients and ensure that their needs get fulfilled, with the initiative of Joint Ventures with International Partners, which is our final goal.

We have extensive experience & technical expertise which makes us your reliable partner in steering your business to a successful one thus accomplishing your goals.


Thank you again for your kind interest.

Abdul Mohammad Razani