Top  Manegement


Mr.  Abdol Mohammad Razani

Date of Birth: 1955/05/27

Education: Ms of industrial engineering from Amirkabir (Polytechnic) University

34 year work history is as following:

-As a general manager in Lift truck and Machine Sazee manufacturing group in Tabriz

-Manager of Training, Researching and Technology Transferring in Industrial Development and

Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO)

-General Manager of Productivity and Human Resources Development Institute.

-Professor and Consultancy of quality management systems and strategic planning

-member of technical and scientific committee for quality award and National Productivity Award of Iran

Now is working as a General Manager in Iran water and Electrical Equipment Engineering co (IWEEE)


Head of Board

Mr. Hasan  Aryanfar


Date of Birth: 1953/08/23

Education:Bs in mechanical engineering from Sharif University

32 year work history is as following:

Supervision of installation work house in Vada engineering co.

Technical manager in Tehran Construction and Modernization co.

Supervision of mechanical group company in Ghods Niroo ( Consultancy engineering co)

Designer of installation systems in Sokna consultancy engineering co.

And now is working as a manager of hydro mechanical department in this company

Business management Advisor

Dr.Tahmaseb Dowlatshahi

Business Development Manager  BSc .  MSc . MBA

Senior Shareholderin Bucklands International  and Iran manager.

Joined  IWEEE Inspections to provide  Expertise and  development



Mr.shahin shaerpour

Date of birth: 1969/06/22

Education:  Bs  In gas industrial-chemical engineering from Sharif University

20 year work history is as following:

Iran water electrical equipment engineering as an expert and technical inspector from 1997 to 2008

As a manager of water and waste water department from 1997 up to now.


Mr.Hasein Hamzei

Date of Birth: 1970/03/21

Education: B.S of agriculture engineering

Ms of international law

20 year work history is as following:

Technical inspector from 1997 to 2008 and now as a

Financial and commercial manager in this company

Mr.Davood Rahmat khah Irani

Date of birth: 1962/02/05

Position: HumanResources and Administrative manager

Education: Bs of thermal installation in power plants from Tabriz University

29 year work history is as following:

For 19 years in National Industrial Steel Group of Iran as an expert in components structure

As a human resources and administrative manager in this company from 2008 up to now.