Hydro mechanical unit
Inspection of Hydro mechanical & Electrical dam’s equipment

Iran Water and Electrical equipment Engineering Company since its establishment in accordance with its purpose began extensive activities in the field of technical training and knowledge creation in the field of inspection of Electrical and hydro mechanical equipment which is used in the dam. It’s one of the founders of inspection knowledge in the country and more than 100 inspections have done or are in progress.

At present the company with long experience and taking advantage of human resource’s experienced, based on the high technical ability is ready to deliver inspection services at all levels to employees and consultants of large projects and also ensures quality of administrative services with accurate and timely inspection.

  • Inspectionof purchased raw materials andequipment

Control documentation and adjustment of Company’s Certification with purchased raw materials

Visual inspection of the quality and appearance of the packaging, rust and dimensional inspection

 Monitoring the sampling and destructive and non-destructive testing

Check valves, bolts, gaskets and flanges: Tests of mechanical properties and chemical composition and galvanized

  • Monitor the quality control of construction equipment

Ensuring the accuracy of the selection and use of equipment in accordance with instructions and a calibration unit Devices

  • Supervision during construction

Monitor the process of grinding pieces and preparing of raw materials (sheets, profiles, etc.)

  • Monitoring coverage and Anticorrosive protection

Inspection of operations and detergents and cleaning surfaces (blast cleaning)

Monitor the operation of the paint and coating Including paint, thickness, holidy test, adhesion, etc.

  • Final Inspection

Final Control of the product complies with the relevant standards

  • Monitor the preparations for carrying

Check final documents, monitoring loading and Issuance of license to carry

  • Monitor the Installation and setup of equipment

Monitor the establishment of submitted Equipment, connecting parts and Operation
of ultimate collection

  • Offering the Inspection documents

Provide the date of the tests and Controls various stages of inspection and final certification of equipment

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