Goods Inspection

Iran Water and Electrical Equipment Engineering Co is much qualified for technical inspection in water, electrical, metalic and rail gadget since 1982.

According to acceptance from Iranian national standards organization the company is specialized in goods inspection for importing and exporting in whole Europe, Asia and Pacific according to the own scope.

Consumer goods such as: Electrical and Electronical industry, house asseccories, tier, tube and colour.

Industrial goods such as: equipment in water and electrical, metalic and polymer connectors, agricultural, electrical instrumentation.

The services which are available in company is:

  1. Price verification
  2. Quality inspection according to standard and technical specification
  3. Quality inspection in origin
  4. Quality inspection in destination
  5. Loading supervision
  6. Discharge supervision
  7. Issuing the COI for releasing (certificate of inspection)
  8. Issuing the IC for bank
  9. PSI (pre-shipment inspection in quality, quantity and packing)
  10. Consulting and reviewing the documents.

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