Water & Sewage

Water and waste water unit

Technical inspection of water projects equipment

Iran water and electrical equipment engineering co. along with its main purpose, in offering inspection services and supervision on equipment of water transmission lines , pipes, fittings, valves and also water distribution systems, from its establishment in 1992, began widespread activities  in providing inspection knowledge and training skilled experts and simultaneously with privatization and establishment of new management and with creating water and waste water technical inspection unit, developed its activity in this field and now with executing different projects have high potential in inspection of water transmission lines, specially inspection in relation to GRP as a new industry, and with possessing efficient experts is ready to offer following services in all level of inspection:

Material inspection of purchased mechanical equipment or at construction or installation

  • Material inspection in accordance with its technical specifications and plans
  • Conforming issued documents from manufacturer with standard requirements through experiment and chemical analysis of elements
  • Checking welding instruction and catching PQR
  • Checking qualification of operators and testing the qualification of manufacturer welders and installers and issuing certificates and necessary permissions
  • Visual inspection of welds and conformity with related standard
  • Inspection and dimensional measurement at fit up and installation of parts and writing them in documents
  • Final dimensional control and writing them in control forms and inspecting probable correction
  • Inspection and supervision on doing NDT test based on standard and giving report
  • Inspection and supervision on preparation of surface and painting activity
  • Supervision on loading, shipping and storage of inspected equipment
  • Issuing final certificate

Inspection at constructing metal and non-metal pieces, valves and fittings

  • Material inspection and visual inspection on pieces and apparent defect
  • Inspection and supervision on constructing, finishing and assembly
  • Inspection and supervision on relevant tests
  • Inspection and supervision on packaging and loading
  • Issuing certificate

Inspection at constructing metal and non-metal pipes and installation of pipelines

  • Material inspection and conformity of them with project requirements based on construction order
  • Inspection qualification of operators and testing qualification of welder based on standard
  • Inspection and checking document related to quality verification of pipes
  • Visual Inspection and dimensional control of pipes
  • Inspection and supervision on cleaning of surfaces and painting of pipes
  • Supervision and control on hydrostatic test accordance with standard and record data on related forms
  • Conformity of manufacturer quality control document with Inspection document
  • Inspection and supervision on loading, shipping and storage of pipes
  • Inspection and supervision on substructure of pipes with riddle soil
  • Inspection and supervision on connection of pieces and also Inspection of final connection and radiography test
  • Inspection and supervision on condition of couching pipeline along with axis of canal and burying of pipe by riddle soil
  • Issuing of relevant certificate in each level

Pipe coating Inspection

  • Inspection and supervision on preparation of surface and applying primer on the inner and outer part of pipe
  • Inspection and supervision on painting
  • Inspection and measuring the thickness based on relevant standard and recording data
  • Inspection and supervision on holiday test, cohesion and recording data
  • Issuing any necessary certificate

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